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Explaining our work

This report highlights our performance for each of our seven activity areas. You will find information about the state of the city – everything from the transport network, to the state of the environment, to the strength of Wellington’s communities.

For each activity area, we have summarised the goals we want to achieve, why we are pursuing them and what we are doing to achieve those goals. We also describe how each activity area contributes towards our community outcomes.

For each activity we explain:

What we do – an outline of the scope of our work under the activity.

What we achieved – a description of milestones achieved during the year.

How we performed – an outline of results against targets. We place these in the context of past results and next year’s targets where appropriate.

What it cost – a summary financial table for that activity area.

This performance information is drawn from a wide variety of sources, including annual surveys of Wellington residents. The Residents Monitoring Survey (RMS) has two parts, both of which are weighted to be representative of Wellington’s population in terms of age, gender and ward. All participants are aged over 18, with 760 responses to part 1 and 686 for part 2. The standard margin of error is +/-3.55% for part 1, and +/-3.74% for part 2.

Over the last few years we have made the transition from conducting our Residents Monitoring Surveys using telephone surveys to now conducting them online. Therefore, because of this methodology change, previous results are not directly comparable. Consequently, only 3 years of data is included for any measures taken from the RMS.

We will review all our performance measures and targets during the development of the 2015/16 Annual Plan.

Our measures, financial results and commentary are independently scrutinised by Audit New Zealand.

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