The place of the possible

Our role and direction

Who we are

Under the Local Government Act 2002, our purpose is to:

The Wellington City Council is made up of 15 elected representatives – the mayor and 14 councillors.

It’s their job to make bylaws, set the city’s overall strategic direction, and approve budgets, policies and plans aimed at achieving that direction. Part of their role is to listen and take the pulse of the community before making decisions. The mayor and councillors are supported in their role by two Community Boards.

The elected representatives are supported by the Council’s chief executive and Council officers, whom provide advice, implement Council decisions, and look after the city’s day-to-day operations.

Our aimsTop

Our aims

Our vision for the city – Towards Wellington 2040: Smart Capital – contains four community outcomes, which guide our decisions about our services and what we plan to do. These outcomes are to be:

Our outcomes and objectives are structured around activity areas against which we measure our performance. They are:

Governance – delivering trust and confidence in decision-making.
Environment – protecting and enhancing Wellington’s environment.
Economic Development – promoting the city’s competitive advantages in order to enhance quality of life.
Cultural Wellbeing – reflecting and shaping Wellington’s unique cultural identity.
Social and Recreation – sustaining safe, resilient and healthy communities.
Urban Development – preserving Wellington as a compact, vibrant and attractive city, now and into the future.
Transport – delivering an efficient and safe transport system that connects people and places.

In June 2014, the Council adopted an Annual Plan for the period 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015, which outlined the services we planned to deliver during that period. In the 2014/15 Annual Plan Council committed to:

The Council’s 2015/25 Long-term Plan (LTP), which was adopted in June 2015, confirmed our commitment to delivering on these priorities.

This Annual Report explains how we’ve delivered on the 2014/15 Annual Plan and how we are positioned to deliver on the priorities set out in the LTP 2015/25.